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Appendix E: Activating the License Offline

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Offline activation requires that an activation request file first be generated on the system to be activated. The activation request file must then be sent to our support department. When we receive the activation request file we will send back an activation response file that you can then use to activate the program on the system on which you generated the request file.


To generate the request file click the Send the Activation Request file button. A file will be generated and as shown below a message will tell you where the file is saved on the system. Copy that file to a system with email access and send the activation request file to our support number along with your license key.


With in 24 hours we will send you an activation response file. You will need to copy the response file to the system that you are going to activate, and the use the Open the Activation Response file button to activate the software.


To activate the software on another system you will need to request another activation. We reserve the right to limit the number of offline activations to 2 per year, and also to limit the total number of offline activations. For these reasons we strongly recommend that you use online activation whenever possible.






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